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Debt Review Since earlier this year there have been an influx of debt counselling queries, due to people going into debt during the festive season. Even in the last few months, we have seen an increase in debt counselling queries and we will continue to offer debt counselling for people in need.

People seem to be going into debt by applying and receiving unsecured debt to help with their current financial situation and this is causing them to sink even deeper into debt.

This specific service was basically created to assist consumers in South Africa to help get them out of debt. The process on the surface looks like a complex scenario, but you can rest assured that we have assisted many clients over the last few years with this service and will be able to help you get out of debt and your life back on track.

If you do feel that you want to look at this service to help you get out debt, then be sure to complete the enquiry form below and one of our debt counsellors will contact you to discuss the process and as application forms that need to be completed etc.

There are also fees involved that need to be paid and be sure to discuss this with the debt counsellor, so that you are fully aware of what is required and why these fees need to be paid.

Please rest assured that our debt counsellors are registered with the NCR or National Credit Regulator and that we are here to assist you and help you solve your debt problem, so contact us with any questions from your side.


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